9 Free Weight Exercises For Toning Your Shoulders


Well-sculpted shoulders are what make heads turn. If you are too conscious about showing them off, then it is time to work those upper body muscles. You can achieve the perfectly-sculpted shoulders by working on your upper back, arms, and chest muscles. Strengthen them through weight training several days a week, and you can achieve those sexy shoulders in no time. Here are nine free weight exercises that will target your upper body muscles:

Rear deltoid raise

Hold a dumbbell on each hand and perform a lateral lift from a standing position. Pull in your abdominals, and plant your feet under the hips. Focus on maintaining proper form as you lift the weights sideways, which means engaging your core muscles and staying stable at all times.

Tricep extensions (optional seated on stability ball)

Hold onto your pair of dumbbells and then rest your back on the stability ball. Your back should be straight, with your core engaged and your legs bent at 90 degrees, as you perform the exercises. Make sure to keep your elbows as close to the head as possible or you will be working your forearms, instead.

Reverse fly (either on a stability ball or flat surface or standing)

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