Lemonade With Lavender That Will Help You Reduce Anxiety and Headaches –


According to studies made at the University of Maryland Medical Center, lavender essential oil can be beneficial in many conditions as insomnia, alopecia, stress, anxiety and postoperative pain. Also, this oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Another study, made at the University of Florida, shows that lavender oil can also help in lowering the pulse rates and reducing anxiety. It was also found that patients who used lavender-based aromatherapy before the surgery had decreased levels of stress before the procedure. This is testimony of its sedative properties.

Another thing worth mentioning about the lavender essential oil are the anti-depressive properties that can help you to sleep better.

These are some of the benefits of the lavender essential oil, as discovered in clinical studies:

  • The pain tolerance can be increased with lavender-based aromatherapy in adults and children.
  • It can help releasing from depression or anxiety in female patient who are under dialysis treatment.
  • Patients have shown decreased anxiety an increased alertness levels
  • You can improve your mood and work environment if burning lavender incense.
  • Also there are found decreased stress levels measured in brain patterns

And the best thing about the lavender oil, besides its healthy, powerful nature is that is very well received by the human body which makes it perfect to be consumed. So we came to a perfect idea for a drink that will help you to get rid of the headaches and anxiety: lavender lemonade.

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