6 Menstrual Problems That You Shouldn’t Ignore –


Women lead very fast and challenging lives that keep them occupied long enough for them to not notice subtle changes and problems in their bodies. Problems related to menstruation often develop either from the not so healthy lifestyle choices that women have to make or through genetic carriers.

Skipping a cycle is one of the first signs that many women tend to ignore because it is not so dangerous, but prolonged signs or recurring issues could be pointing to a bigger red flag which you should not ignore.

Here are a few signs that you could look out for in your daily lives to help you identify menstruation-related problems that you should not ignore.

  • Hormonal Changes Before Cycle

Before your menstrual cycle starts, your body undergoes several hormonal ups and downs that can trigger certain physical conditions like asthma, diabetes, depression, etc. These conditions can sometimes worsen during the span of the cycle. If you face a similar problem, reach out to your gynecologist for either remedies or medicines to help you feel better.

  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is an exaggerated form of premenstrual syndrome. Extreme mood swings, a sudden change in appetite, anger issues, anxiety, and depression are all signs that you should check with your doctor to get techniques and, if needed, medication to help you cope with these problems. Usually, doctors prescribe anti-depressants but never take them without consultation.

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