5 minty-fresh DIYs for various skin woes


Probably the most underrated ingredients to exploit for those beauty DIYs, there’s no denying that mint, or pudina, is a popular ingredient in most herbal face washes, shampoos and conditioners.And for good reason! It’s known for its many therapeutic properties, you’re going to want this magic ingredient in your closet to treat everything from mosquito bites, acne, and dry skin to blackheads, and that tan.

What’s more, mint’s cooling effect is just the thing you need to soothe your nerves on a particularly stressful day, even if your skin isn’t acting up.
So let’s get grinding, shall we?

Banana and Mint for Glowing Skin

You Need
•    2 tbsp mashed banana
•    10 to 12 mint leaves

Grind the banana and mint leaves together until they form a smooth mixture. Apply this mixture onto your face as you would a face pack. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes. Rinse your face with cool water. Do this once or twice a week.

The Benefits: Banana is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C, and E. It also contains potassium, lectic, amino acids, and zinc. The combination of these nutrients help hydrate your skin, nourish it, fight oxidative damage, prevent acne, fade acne scars, boost collagen production, fight UV damage, and improve skin elasticity. In combination with mint, banana boosts skin health and leaves it looking radiant.

Lemon and Mint for Acne

You Need
•    10 to 12 mint leaves
•    1 tbsp lemon juice

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